Evidence-Based Therapy for Individuals
Janet Eckart, PhD
Clinical Psychologist • CA License PSY 27867

Who I See

I welcome the chance to form a psychologist-client team with clients interested in building a life fully aligned with their unique set of values.

I work with adults ages 18 or older. Below are some specific remarks about several groups of adults with which I have particular clinical expertise and experience.

Younger Adults
I have specific training in working with young adults, and find this work to be incredibly rewarding. Learning to manage and overcome challenges during this crucial developmental timeframe can have lasting effects on quality of life for years to come.

The pace of life continues to speed up in our society and pressures on young adults can feel overwhelming; finding a protected space to slow down, master new tools, view threats through a different lens, and identify one’s unique strengths and vulnerabilities can provide enormous benefit.

It is my privilege to work with clients ages 18 and up. I see young adults in my practice who are in the workforce, as well as those who are on their way to college, currently in college, who have left college (willingly or otherwise) and are in the process of regrouping, or who have recently graduated and are experiencing hiccups in the transition to post-college life. I see students when they are home for the summer or in town over weekends and holidays.

Older Adults
I have received specific training in geropsychology, and find my work with older adults to be enjoyable and very meaningful. In addition to the mental health issues that can cause distress at any age, clients later in life may be facing retirement and a shifting identity; caregiving responsibilities and their own health challenges; or they may simply notice that they are reflecting on the ‘big questions’ of life more deeply, including concepts of meaning, contribution, and legacy. It is my privilege to work with these clients as they figure out what they’d like their next chapter to look like.

During the time I worked within VA facilities it was truly my pleasure to ‘serve those who served,’ and I continue to see veterans privately in my practice. This work may target the possible isolation experienced after leaving the service; helping veterans to recreate a form of that camaraderie in civilian life is a major goal. I have worked with veterans from the Korea, Vietnam, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and OEF/OIF/OND eras.

Other Adults

I work with adult individuals of all ages.
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