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Janet Eckart, PhD
Clinical Psychologist • CA License PSY 27867

About Dr. Eckart

Janet Eckart photoAs a Liver­more native, it is my plea­sure to serve clients in the Tri-Valley and sur­round­ing areas.

Raised in a family of scientists and engineers but fascinated by people, figuring out what makes humans (not things) tick is endlessly interesting and also very meaningful to me.


Stanford University, BA in Psychology

UC Berkeley, PhD in Clinical Science

Clinical Experience

California Maritime Academy

Berkeley Psychology Clinic

Clement J. Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System


Verstaen, A., Eckart, J.A., Muhtadie, L., Otero, M.C., Sturm, V.E., Haase, C.M., Miller, B.L., & Levenson, R.W. (2016). Insular atrophy and diminished disgust reactivity. Emotion, 16(6), 903-912.

Woolley, J.D., Strobl, E.V., Sturm, V.E., Shany-Ur, T., Poorzand, P., Grossman, S., Nguyen, L., Eckart, J.A., Levenson, R.W., Seeley, W.W., Miller, B.L., & Rankin, K.P. (2015). Impaired recognition and regulation of disgust is associated with distinct but partially overlapping patterns of decreased gray matter volume in the ventroanterior insula. Biological Psychiatry, 78(7), 505-514.

Sturm, V.E., Yokoyama, J.S., Eckart, J.A., Zakrzewski, J., Rosen, H.J., Miller, B.L., Seeley, W.W., & Levenson, R.W. (2015). Damage to left frontal regulatory circuits produces greater positive emotional reactivity in frontotemporal dementia. Cortex, 64, 55-67.

Eckart, J.A., Sturm, V.E., Miller, B.L., & Levenson, R.W. (2012). Diminished disgust reactivity in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia. Neuropsychologia, 50(5), 786-790.

Professional Associations

American Psychological Association

Northern California Cognitive Behavior Therapy Network
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